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Our comprehensive estate plans will be built around your trust or will. Working with our office to create an estate plan is the best way to plan for your future and ensure your family estate is protected. Our estate planning portfolios will significantly reduce the cost of estate administration and provide a sense of security to your loved ones. 

All of our estate planning portfolios include detailed instructions for successor trustees and executors, which allows your loved ones to focus on grieving instead of the uncertainty of estate administration. 

Trust Modifications and Codicils 

If you need to modify or update existing wills or trusts, we can help! If you have an estate plan that was created in a state outside of Indiana, have experienced the loss of beneficiaries, executors, or successor trustees, or have experienced significant changes in estate value or assets, it is probably time to update your will or trust. 

At our office, we provide reviews of existing estate plans and offer recommendations free of charge. 

Wills and Trusts Customized For You

All of our comprehensive estate plans are centered around the estate planning goals and values of you and your family. Whether you are looking for a low maintenance estate plan to ensure that minor children are cared for, or if you are seeking a complex estate plan with spending controls and utilization of estate tax avoidance strategies, we can meet your needs. 

All of our estate planning services come with a free consultation as well as estate planning recommendations and are available at flat fees to provide peace of mind. 

What Happens If I Pass Without A Trust or Will?

If you pass without a will or trust the State of Indiana's intestacy laws ( Indiana Code § § 29-1-2-1 to 29-1-2-15) will determine how your estate is distributed. To learn more about intestate succession in Indiana click here. 

Trust Modifications and Codicils 



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