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We help our clients protect their assets from lawsuits, creditors, and familial disputes. Many people have built significant wealth but do not know how to protect it. We live in an overly litigious society, making it more important than ever to shelter your assets and protect your legacy.

Our Asset Protection Strategies Include:

  • Business formations such as an LLC to own business assets or real estate

  • Pre and Post marital agreements

  • Domestic and International Trusts

  • Medicaid Planning

  • Implementing insurance options

  • Planning for future or lawsuits using techniques that are compliant with the UFTA

What Is Asset Protection?

The goal of asset protection is to protect your assets for personal use during your life and for use by your family in later generations. Asset protection consists of taking strategic steps to change the form of ownership over assets, the location of asset ownership, or the nature of assets in order to make it difficult for creditors to reach or encumber your assets.


There is not a one step solution to secure your assets. Attorney Hale will work with you to create a custom tailored plan to ensure that your business or estate are protected. Contact us today to learn more about what asset protection strategies are best for you and your family. 

What do we protect your assets from?

  • Long term medical care costs

  • Expensive probate proceedings

  • Scams

  • Your creditors

  • Creditors seeking recovery from your children or other intended beneficiaries

  • Predatory lenders

  • Premises liability

  • Car accidents

  • Fraudulent Claims

  • Excessive Taxation

Trust Modifications and Codicils 



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